Semillas Fitó

Is a Spanish multinational, founded in 1880 in Sant Martí de Provençals, Barcelona. In these more than 130 years, it has gone from being a small seed company to becoming one of the leading multinationals in the sector of genetic breeding, production and distribution of vegetable and field crop seeds.


The company has managed to grow and successfully overcome the challenge of internationalization. The key to this growth has been its commitment to R&D&I, which receives an investment of more than 15% of annual turnover, making it the agricultural company that most invests in research.

Currently 65% of its turnover corresponds to exports, with sales in more than 70 countries.

Semillas Fitó is a clear leader in the Mediterranean and South American markets, and has ten subsidiaries and a direct presence in 10 other countries. Many of these centres have their own offices, research centres, test fields and hundreds of farmers who collaborate to improve and adapt each seed to local soils and climates.

We have firmly committed to remaining independent and family owned. Our vocation is to work closely with farmers to help them develop their businesses through our specialization in seeds. In addition, our staff have extensive experience and knowledge of the sector that enables them to advise on improvements and market trends.



The Vegetables division produces seven main species, some of for which it is market leader, depending on the area: tomato, pepper, aubergine, melon, watermelon, cucumber and courgette, in addition to some legumes such as broad beans, green beans and sweet corn.

The catalogue offers more than 500 varieties adapted to different Mediterranean areas, temperate and subtropical climates.

There are two production centres, located in Llavaneras (Barcelona) and Arica (Chile) and research centres in six different countries: Cabrera and Almería (Spain), Sicily (Italy), Antalya (Turkey), Culiacán (Mexico), Bangalore (India) and Florida (USA).



The Field Crops division specializes in four main products: maize, sunflower, forage and sorghum.

It works with 15 segments of maize and 6 of sunflower, which comprise a wide range of very specific products for dry, hot and heat and water stress conditions.

It has the largest processing and logistics centre in southern Europe located in Barbens (Spain), a production centre in Antalya (Turkey) and five research centres: in Cabrera, Barbens and Don Benito (Spain), in Delley (Switzerland) and in Bangalore (India).



The Turf Grasses division offers varietal solutions for the creation and regeneration of green spaces and sports fields adapted to any climatic area and situation.

It has two logistics centres, one in Lleida (Spain) and another in Antalya (Turkey). Here the tasks of cleaning, treatment, preparation of blends, packaging and shipping are performed.



The Hobby division produces a range for non-professional or amateur farmers who grows their own vegetables and look after of their garden as a hobby. Under the brands Fitó, Fitó Hobby and Eurogarden we offer a wide selection of seeds from the vegetable, flower, herb, grass and legume ranges.



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