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Campo de Golf de Bermuda

Preparation Of A Common Bermuda Grass Golf Course For Reseeding With Bermuda Riviera

1. Start cutting the fairways to a height of 8 mm two weeks before reseeding. Try to keep the surface as free of grass remains as possible.

2. Verticut once along the direction of the fairway.

3. Then, sweep twice across, vericutting using the super 500 to clean and remove dead grass.

4. The surface to be reseeded must have a soil temperature of 18-20 °C and remain unwatered at least one day before. Also, prior to reseeding, the surface to be reseeded must be studied to calculate the seed to be used for each hole and to be able to calibrate the machine accurately. Frequently check the machine its correctly calibrated, since the initial calibration is often modified by the simple clash of the disc with a stone or root.

5. Reseeding should be done in an X (two sweeps crossing each other) with a 1575 Overseeder precision seeder. The planting will be in the form of a rhombus. The planting dose should be 16 g/m2 (8 g/m2 in each sweep). This will achieve betting seeding and surface coverage. The planting depth should be 6-8 mm. We do not recommend reseeding a greater surface area than can be covered with fill material the same day, since the seed would be exposed to the weather.

6. Fill material: 50% sand + 50% earthworm humus. Dose: 3-4 tonnes/ha.

7. Bunker or multipurpose machine to sweep the metal drag mat over the surface.

8. Pass over with a roller.

9. Five daily irrigations of 5-6 min/irrigation, maintaining moisture in the soil until the seed germinates (approximately 15 days).

10. After germinating add 1-2-1 fertilizer, dose: 300 kg/ha.

11. Since the common Bermuda grass will not be eliminated at the beginning, it will take two years until the reseeded surface is completely dominated by Bermuda Riviera.


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